Very honoured deaf and hearing on the world,
     In this area the order rules give, so that you these order rules to read correctly
     and also understand must.
     Our rules:
  1. Please always CONSIDERATION take and no offense to other persons!
  2. Please show no porn to graphic sayings or address from the Internet!
  3. Please all persons in peace to go through let maintain and friendly!
  4. This area is not certified for criminals or disturbing!
  5. Please no SEX in the Webcam or self satisfaction is forbidden, that is immoral!
  6. No advertisement of other areas!!
  7. No music and no black Webcam!!
  8. No private addresses or write in the Chat, separate please in In-Chat!
  9. No Internet cafe because of virus - extension danger!
10. Please all together according to these rules to hold!
11. Ask no red or green writing use! (Red = boss; Green = tester)   
12. Please, do not change Nick - Name and Nick - Number!!
      Thanks for your with read!!
     "CZECH_DEAF_WORLD"                       Owner

Thank you for your Understanding.


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